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10 Affirmations to Help You Feel Like a Babe

Everyone talks to themselves. What are you saying? Are you hyping yourself up or constantly reminding yourself you’re not good enough? Positive self-talk is more powerful than you might think. It can lift your mood, increase your persistence, and spark a beautiful change in your life. Pretty powerful stuff, right?

Positive self-thoughts keep us in tune with our bodies, making us more mindful of the things around us. The more you practice, the better you’ll become, and the more likely you’ll see changes in your mood, health and attitude. Your affirmations should be present tense and positive. Use “I am” and “I have” when creating your list. These should also be unconditional. None of that “You’d be awesome if…” or “You’ll be happy when…” GET THAT SH!T OUTTA HERE. You deserve to be happy right now.

These thoughts also help us on “off days.” As you’re building up your self-esteem, you’re going to have garbage days. It’s inevitable. These small affirmations help get you back on track. They’ll keep you going because there will be days when you feel like quitting. You’re a babe, though. Keep going. You’ll see it.

Here’s a List to Get You Started

1. My strength is greater than any struggle. I can overcome whatever life throws at me.

2. No one will make me feel “less than.” I know my worth. I have value.

3. When I’m outside of my comfort zone, I will be comfortable and confident in my own skin.

4. I do not need other people for happiness.

5. I am a beautiful person.

6. I am sexy and fierce.

7. Self love is a natural state of being.

8. I deserve love, compassion and happiness.

9. I can accomplish my goals like a bad ass.

10. I am a goddess. The universe is lucky to have me.

Print this bad boy and hang it on your mirror. Save it to your phone. Use it as a bookmark. Make sure these affirmations are in view so you can continue to practice your self-love. Download this image HERE.

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