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Babe C's Confidence Boosting Session

Babe C applied for a Killer Deal Boudie Call I ran a few months ago, and when I came across her application, I knew we had to shoot. She recently lost a lot of weight, and her body didn't feel like hers anymore. She was struggling to see herself as sexy or attractive. Anytime our bodies go through a big change, it can be super hard to see our bodies in that way. I was grateful she wanted to do a boudoir shoot with me to heal that part of herself.

Once we started shooting, she lit up! I could go on and on about her strength, confidence and self assurance, but I think these photos really speak for themselves.

What did you love about your session? The way I felt so comfortable that I didn't feel awkward at all. It was super fun and felt good all day after!!

Why did you choose Buxom Boudoir? To get out of my comfort zone and feel good about myself. That I am pretty.

How do you feel about your body? Did the shoot help you see your body in a new way? My body and I have a love/hate relationship and I don't think that will change BUT you were a great cheerleader to show me that i do have great assets and to remember that.

On bad body image days, how will you remind yourself that you're awesome? I am going to look at those beautiful pictures you took!!!

A boudoir shoot isn't going to magically heal all body image issues. It isn't supposed to. A boudoir session can show you want you've been struggling to see, though - that your body has value. Your body means something because it carries you around. Whether it grows or shrinks, it will always have value.

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