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Flowers Don't Compare Themselves to Other Flowers

I grew a lot of flowers in my garden this summer. Beautiful Lily of the Valley flowers bloomed this spring, and gorgeous sunflowers towered over my butterfly garden as summer ended. As all my flowers bloomed, not once did I look at a bloom and think "ugh, I wish this flower looked like that one." My flowers certainly weren't concerned with that either! They focused on sunshine and fresh rain. They just wanted to grow. Do that. Just grow. The rate of your growth doesn't matter. The size of your bloom doesn't matter. Whether or not anyone takes notice of your growth doesn't even matter. The minute you start comparing yourself to other people is the minute you lose sight of what you've accomplished. How can you see how far you've come when your eyes are glued to other people's accomplishments?

Flowers simply grow, and they look beautiful while doing it. Whether they pop up first thing in spring with their tiny white petals or they take all summer to grow giant orange blooms, they are all stunning. They make us smile. We love them. If you can be impressed with a flower, you sure as heck can be impressed with yourself. No offense to flowers, but you are way more complex and interesting than a plant! If you're able to appreciate the individuality of a flower, you can do the same for yourself. Stop comparing. Start living, and just grow!

person in the woods with mushroom makeup

non-binary person in the woods

person sitting in the creek

person by wild flowers

person standing by rocks

person in white standing in a river

person standing in woods and in river

person sitting on a tree surrounded by flowers

person in green robe sitting on tree trunk

person sitting on tree and in hard sunlight

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