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In Love and In Bed: Cozy Couples Boudoir

Have you seen the meme “I want someone to look at me the way…” and it’s either a cute couple staring at each other or something funny like a dog looking at food? After spending time with Babe L and her husband, I found the epitome of that meme in real life. I found the look!

Babe L and her husband Babe D were so adorable together, I thought I was going to die. The way they looked at each other, they way they smiled and the way they held each other were all indications of how deeply they felt for each other. Plus, they are freaking hot! This is one sexy couple.

That’s why I love couples boudoir photography. I get to take a tiny peek into the lives of two people who love each other – both the sweet and sensitive aspects, as well as the hot and heavy ones. It’s an intimate experience for the couple, and I’m honored to be let in on it for a moment.

They even had matching underwear – pizza and donuts! How freaking cute.

BONUS IMAGES! Since this was an in-home couples boudoir session, I got to spend time with their super cute cat and dog, too.

If you want to book your couples session, shoot me an email at!

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