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Meet Alicia, a Body Affirming Photographer

Hi! It's me, Alicia, and I'm a body affirming boudoir photographer in Port Washington WI (that's just north of Milwaukee). I've ran for studio for over 5 years, and each year, I learn more and more on how to be body affirming. It's vital to me that my clients know their bodies are welcome in my space.

What does it mean to be body affirming? At my studio, I believe all bodies have value no matter their size, shape, race or abilities. Changing your body is not necessary in order for you to have worth.

Your body is a good body right now in this exact moment.

You can do a boudoir shoot with the body you have right now. There's no need to lose weight. There's no need to do arching or certain poses if your body cannot do those things (or you just don't want to). You do not need to show more skin than you are comfortable with. You have full autonomy over your body during a shoot . I believe this is necessary for my clients so they feel secure in their bodies.

You get to take back the power during your boudoir session. You feel your body. You celebrate your body. That's what I'm all about.

Now's the perfect time to see what my studio is all about. You can start planning your session by contacting me here. We will set up a phone consult and create the perfect session for you.

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