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Take Time for You

This woman right here stole my heart. I’ve known her for years, but let me just say you really get to know someone when they are chillin’ in their underwear around you. Babe K is such a joy. She’s warm, funny, has tons of amazing stories and is so in love with her husband that you get all those warm squishy feels just listening to her. At one point, we just sat one the floor and talked about her relationship. It didn’t feel like a boudoir shoot. It felt like two friends chit chatting about the aspects of our lives that we love.

She’s also generous with her time and energy, just like a lot of moms, which is why I’m so grateful she chose to spend some of that time with me. This session was for her more than anyone else (although she did text me later letting me know her hubby loved the photos.)

Take time for you. If not now, then when? Life isn’t going to wait for you, so do the things you want to do right now! This kickass babe did, and daaaaaaang was it worth it. Look at that booty pop!

What did you love about your session? Did you feel like you grew in any ways? Share as much as you’d like! What was not to love. From the moment you walk-in the door Alicia makes you feel beautiful along with her makeup and hair stylist. (Who is great in every way) I’ve never thought as myself as pretty even though my husband always tells me this. I strive to be positive to give beauty from the inside and Alicia has shown me outer beauty.

Would you ever do another boudoir shoot? Most definitely! It was so much fun ! My husband would greatly approve! Maybe when I’m 65 I’ve realized you’re never too old to be beautiful!

Do you feel like you have a better relationship with your body? What will you do in the future to show yourself some self-love? I often thought about doing a shoot but never took the time. I always have struggled with my weight and was self conscious when pictures were being taken or getting looks from people. Now that I am much older and my body has changed I still struggle with it, but after seeing my photos I realized age, stretch marks and bulges don’t matter! They make me me and all of the joy I have been blessed with in my life. I’ve promised myself not to be critical of the things I see in the mirror and look for the beauty. I’ve always found joy in doing things for my husband, daughters and growing extended family. I need to remember there is great joy in doing something for yourself as well.

Any words of advice to someone who is nervous about boudoir? Do it! I was always thinking I didn’t look quite right! We all struggle with our body, but Alicia helps you feel confident, beautiful and get past the nerves. It’s lots of fun!

Why did you choose Buxom Boudoir? Three words- Alicia is amazing!

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