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The Little Wins

There are so many little wins that happen during a boudoir shoot with me that folks often over look. Here are a few wins I see over and over that make my heart happy and that you'll experience during a session:⠀


1. You wear something way outside of your comfort zone and don't say anything negative about your body while wearing it.⠀⠀⠀


2. You don't point out what you don't like about yourself when viewing your images for the first time. This is a great way to practice shutting down your inner critic. It's ok not to like every photo. It's not ok to bully yourself when you see a photo you don't like. We don't give any energy to our inner critics during sessions.⠀⠀


3. You add a photo that highlights one of your insecurities to your "yes" or "maybe" list. You don't have to order the photo for this to be a win! So many people think they aren't going to like any photos of their bellies or their thighs, and then they end up thinking good things about those pictures. That's a big deal. ⠀


4. You like more photos than you thought you would. People often underestimate how good they're going to do at a session. They also underestimate their ability to see themselves as art. If you end up liking more photos than you thought, that means you're seeing your body in a good way. Yay for that!⠀

I love recognizing the little wins with my clients. Remember to celebrate the little wins you have throughout your day! They can be just as important as the big wins!

Now then, onto some fun stuff! Check out these glorious photos of Babe C.

Babe C sent me this message after her shoot "No one has ever come close to capturing what you did 😭😭🙏🏼" That made my heart so happy. That's a big win to me!

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