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What to Wear for a Bridal Boudoir Session

Planning your bridal boudoir session is such an exciting part of your wedding journey! This session is all about celebrating your body and confidence, so let's talk about what to wear to make you feel absolutely stunning. Yes, your partner is going to get HOT portraits of you, but bridal boudoir is so much more than that. It's a healing and fun experience for you, so wear what makes you feel best! Here are some ideas to help you choose the perfect outfits for your bridal boudoir session. This post includes affiliate links.

1. Classic White Lingerie

White lingerie is a timeless choice for bridal boudoir. Think delicate lace bras, panties, garters, and stockings. The pure white color symbolizes mirrors your wedding dress (if you're wearing white) and gives your photos a classic, elegant feel. You can't go wrong with a beautiful white lace set that highlights your bridal glow. PS - If your dress is a different color, wear lingerie that matched that color instead!

We love this AvidLove Set.

woman in white bridal lingerie

2. Your Wedding Veil

Incorporating your wedding veil into your boudoir session adds a romantic touch. The veil can be used in so many creative ways—draped over your body, as a backdrop, or to create soft, dreamy images. It's a lovely way to connect your boudoir photos to your wedding day. And if you want a veil for your session but you're not planning on wearing one the day of your wedding, you can borrow the veil we have at the studio!

3. Something Blue

Add a pop of color to your session with something blue. It could be a blue garter, a satin robe, or even blue lingerie. This "something blue" is not only a nod to the wedding tradition but also adds a playful and unique element to your photos.

We love this bodysuit from Avidlove. Those straps look so fun to shoot with!

woman wearing blue strappy bodysuit

4. Personal Touches

Think about including items that are personal to you and your relationship. Maybe it's your partner’s favorite shirt, a piece of jewelry they gave you, or a sentimental item that means a lot to both of you. These personal touches make your photos even more special and meaningful.

5. Robes and Wraps

Start your session in a silky robe or a sheer wrap. Robes are not only sexy but also give you a bit of coverage if you’re feeling nervous at the beginning of your shoot. They can be slipped off for a more revealing look as you become more comfortable.

We love how bougie this white, ruffled robe looks.

woman looking over shoulder wearing a white robe

6. Comfortable and Confident

The most important thing is to wear something that makes you feel comfortable and confident. Your boudoir session is about celebrating you, so choose outfits that you love and that make you feel amazing. Whatever makes you feel sexy, powerful or beautiful is the right outfit!

Ready to book your bridal boudoir session? Let’s create beautiful, empowering images that celebrate you as a bride. Contact us to set up a discovery call and start planning your perfect session.

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