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You're Invited to the Rogue Women's Weekend

We're going rogue! Buxom Boudoir and Navigate Wellness are throwing the coolest retreat of 2022, and you're invited!

The rogue woman goes against the standards that society sets up for her. She doesn't do what everyone “thinks” she should be doing. She wants to grow beyond what she's been taught to think and feel about her body. She's a rebel.

It’s time to find that wild feminine energy.


At this retreat, you'll get to connect with your body, and you'll be surrounded by women who are doing the same. We'll grow together at Navigate Wellness' beautiful space in downtown Port Washington. Explore your sensuality. Get in touch with your soul, and heal the relationship you have with yourself all while basking in the sunlight pouring in through the windows, stretching out on yoga mats, and devouring delectable catered meals.

It feels like the world pulls us in a million different directions and expects us to be perfect at every task we're given. To be a perfect mom, you have to do X, Y and Z. To be the perfect wife, you need to do 1, 2 and 3. You're only a good friend if you do this, and you're only a valuable employee if you do that. The expectations are heavy, and this weight makes us lose ourselves. Under the burden of expectation, who even are we? I get it. I've been there. I've put work and family so far to the front of my brain that I've lost all connection with myself.

I deserve to have a relationship with me, though. You deserve to have a relationship with you. That's why we're going rogue.


Get your tastebuds ready to delicious, local snacks and meals. We're bringing in scrumptious baked goods and fruit parfaits for breakfast; delicious appetizers for a Friday late night snack; quinoa, green salads and delicious sandwiches for lunch, along with snacks, fruit and yogurt to keep your energy up all throughout the retreat. We're fueling our bodies and our minds with some of the best catering Ozaukee county has to offer.


At this retreat, you're going to experience life changing education and activities. You'll feel differently about yourself when you leave - more in tune, more connected and more understanding. The sensual self portrait workshop will teach your how desirable you are and how to embrace your feminine energy. You'll feel your body move and stretch during yoga and pelvic bowl exercises. Get in touch with your breathing during meditation. See that your body is a work of art during individual mini boudoir sessions, find your perfect mantra as you make mala beads, and focus your attention to your mind and body during hypnotherapy. We have so many amazing activities planned to help your discover how incredible you are. You're amazing. You need to see that.

This retreat is facilitated by five experts in the field of Health, Wellness, Spiritual Alignment, and Self-Love. I cannot wait for you to meet everyone! ALICIA SCHMITT

Alicia Schmitt is a self love and body liberation boudoir photographer. For the last 5 years, she has helped people reconnect with their bodies through intimate portraiture. Her studio is judgement-free and open to bodies of all sizes and abilities. She spent too many years hating her own body and doesn't want anyone to feel that way. That's why Alicia's sessions are celebratory, joyful and full of gratitude. Your body is a good body, and she can help you see that.


Leah Bruce is an agent of change. She has proven that to herself personally and professionally and will challenge her clients to change what is no longer working for them. Born and raised in Michigan, Leah moved to Wisconsin to begin her second career, in mental health counseling. Leah is a clinical mental health counselor, substance abuse counselor, and certified yoga instructor with a background in hospitality management, crisis management, and graduate level teaching. Leah thrives on encouraging her clients to identify and utilize their talents, advocate for self, and take up space in any room/conversation/system/relationship they find themselves in.


Melissa Wellenstein is a licensed therapist who has a passion for helping people find balance. Through her own personal journey, Melissa has come to recognize the value and necessity of helping people honor all parts of themselves. Melissa believes that the parts of ourselves that truly feel authentic to us are the parts that we often hide or “dim” based on standards set by society. Through compassion and meaningful connection Melissa is focused on helping people, women especially, explore all aspects of themselves and to lean into their duality.


Laura Skinner is all things "outside-the-box." As a licensed therapist, that is clinically trained to assist her clients through trauma and addictions, she has used her intuition and creativity to do the real healing work. When systems told her to go right, she went left...then a little zigzag. Through her own personal healing journey she has found ways to access her inner truth and assist others in illuminating theirs as well! Utilizing humor, grace, and compassion to assist clients access their deepest parts, then walking off the beaten path with them to become empowered again!


Dr. Kelly left her internal medicine practice within a large healthcare system 2 years ago due to burnout. She has since been studying and healing herself and others with functional medicine, exploring spirituality, and working towards becoming a true Rogue Woman, which to her means a woman who is uninhibited, brave and able to stay true to her authentic self. She looks forward to meeting others who are also on this journey!


Early bird pricing of $1,920 is available until June 30th, and PayPal Credit is available to order your retreat ticket. PayPal Credit is a 6 month, interest free payment plan. If you qualify, you can use PayPal Credit during check out. Only 12 spots are available! If you're nervous, no worries. Working on ourselves can be scary, but it's worth it. You'll be surrounded by a group of supportive women who want each of us to succeed. We're in this together. You'll have a support system to cheer you on the entire time. You are worthy of a weekend away. As women, we don't get much time to ourselves. It feels like so many different people need us, but this weekend is about you. The cleaning can wait. Work will survive without you. Someone else can provide childcare (ps - your husband is capable of watching your kids). We barely get time to be in our bodies, to connect with our minds, and to heal our souls. This is your time, and you deserve every minute of it.



AUGUST 12TH Friday evening (6-9pm) 6 to 6:30 Show Up & Nourish The Body 6:30 – 7:30 Intro to the Workshop, Expectations, Intentions, Connect Hearts and Bodies and Heads 7:30 – 8pm Sensual Self Portrait Workshop 8-9pm Moonlight Yoga AUGUST 13TH Saturday 8am-9am Meditation and Yoga 9-9:45am Nourish the body-Breakfast 9:45 – 10:30am Reflection of Sensual Self Portraits 10:30am-11:30am Pelvic Bowl Class 11:30am – 1:00pm Nourish the Body and Reflections 1:00pm – 4:30pm Breakout sessions: Photos, Period/Cycle Power, Duality and Mala Beads Workshop 4:30pm – 5:30pm Hypnotherapy

AUGUST 14TH Sunday 8am to 9am Meditation and Yoga 9 to 10am Nourish the body: Breakfast and Reflection 10 to 11:30am Image reveals! 11:30:-12:30pm Closing Ceremony

Need a hotel? The Harborview 135 E Grand Ave, Port Washington, WI 53074

(262) 284-9461 Country Inn and Suites 350 E Seven Hills Rd, Port Washington, WI 53074

(262) 261-0963

*schedule and food may be subject to change


I have struggled with my body for a very long time. I spent too many years out of touch with who I was and hating how I looked. After years of self love work, reflection and my fair share of boudoir photo shoots, I'm in a much better place with my body. It took a long time for me to realize I am worth the effort, and I'm forever grateful I get to help other women come to the same realization about themselves. During this retreat, I'll lead the sensual self portrait workshop. I'll also photograph you on Saturday, and on Sunday I'll show you your images! Everyone I photograph at this retreat will leave with their two favorite digital images.


It's time to awaken your divine feminine, explore all the tangled parts of yourself, and honor the beauty that IS YOUR SPIRIT! It's time to go rogue!

Book one of the limited spots below. We cannot wait to meet you!

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