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  • Professional Makeup and Hair Touchups

  • 1 Hour Studio Session

  • 2 High Res Digital Images

  • Multiple Wardrobe Changes

Regular Price - $850

Milwaukee Headshot.jpg

Start by choosing a time for your discovery call. We'll go over your needs and wants for this session, choose a start time during the marathon, and take care of payment.

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We approach headshots and branding photos with the belief that all bodies deserve to feel good in front of the camera. These sessions are for anyone, whether you love taking photos or it makes you anxious. If you struggle with body confidence or you're nervous when photographed, we'll guide you and help you realize that your body deserves this experience! 

port washington headshot.jpg
Port washington headshot.jpg
Port washington headshot.jpg

Headshots with a Body Confidence Twist

Step into the spotlight and celebrate your unique self at our Headshot Mini Marathon! As a photographer committed to capturing authenticity, I've designed these sessions especially for those who might feel a tad camera-shy. Let's work together to create headshots that radiate your confidence and charm. No need for perfection—your uniqueness is your strength. During these sessions, your body can exist just as it is, free from judgment or shame! Join me for a session where you get photos that confidently represent you and your business. Booking your headshot session is just a click away! I can't wait to work with you.

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