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10 Body Neutral Reminders

I don't think you need to be head over your heels in love with your body to live a full and wonderful life. I do, however, believe that hating our bodies serves no purpose. No one has every successfully hated themselves into self love. That leaves us somewhere in the middle, which is personally where I like to be: body neutrality.

"Body neutrality means taking a neutral perspective towards your body, meaning that you do not have to cultivate a love for your body or feel that you have to love your body every day. You may not always love your body, but you may still live happily and appreciate everything your body can do." ( You believe that your body exists and functions, and that's about it. Your body exists the way a tree in your yard exists. It is neither good no bad. It just is.

This gives us the freedom to live our lives without constantly thinking about our bodies. When we feel neutral about our bodies, it doesn't matter what our bodies look like in swimwear or clothes. It doesn't matter if we fit society's beauty aesthetic. It doesn't matter if our bodies are covered in scars or dimpled with cellulite. There's not a love for these things, but there also isn't hate. Your mind can focus on so many other wonderful and important things. If we aren't focused on what our bodies look like all the time, we've got energy to do so many other kickass things!

How do you get to a place of body neutrality? Well, it takes time and practice. I've got a few phrases I like to say in order to remind myself of my body's neutrality., and I wrote a few more that I thought may help others. I hope one of these works for you, as well! They may not all be applicable, but if you can take away one or two reminders, you're on your way to body neutrality.

  1. I appreciate what my body does for me (list what your body can do.)

  2. My body functions as well as it can for me, and I am grateful for this.

  3. I feel at home or I'm working on feeling at home in this body. It is mine, and mine alone.

  4. I am blessed to have a body unlike anyone else's.

  5. My body lets me move, and I enjoy moving it.

  6. Thank you, body, for growing my children.

  7. These arms allow me to hug loved ones and carry my children or pets.

  8. My body takes care of me, and I appreciate that.

  9. My weight has no impact on my worth.

  10. Thank you, belly, for fueling me and holding my organs.

Let the body neutrality journey begin!

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Ready to book your boudoir shoot? Shoot me an email!

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