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3 Reasons You Need a Maternity Boudoir Shoot

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

You're having a baby! That's so exciting! Between prepping the nursery, going to all your doctor appointments, attending baby showers and more, are you taking time for yourself? Just because you're having a new baby doesn't mean your needs and wants are no longer important. You still deserve "me time." You don't stop being you when you become a parent.

A maternity boudoir session is the perfect way to celebrate your changing body. You'll get to enjoy hours to just be you, to love on yourself and to remember that you're freaking awesome.

You're Hot as Heck

Mommas-to-be are vivacious, sexual, powerful babes! You don’t stop being a woman when you become a mom, and this is true even when your baby is the size of a grapefruit hanging out in utero. Pregnant babes should take time to feel like the sexy people they are, and maternity boudoir gives them that opportunity. To the pregnant ladies out there, I know your body is changing, but those changes don’t make you any less gorgeous. Put on that sexy bra. Take butt selfies. Have sex! At no point during your nine months of pregnancy are you any less of a sexy being. You may not always feel that way, and that’s ok, but keep reminding yourself of how amazing you are.

You Deserve Grown Up Time

Kids are great, but if you're pregnant, that's probably all you talk about. Everyone wants to know about the baby, and if you have other young children already at home, it might be kid time 24/7 for you. Come hang out with grown ups! We talk about all sorts of things during your session. Of course I want to hear about how your pregnancy is going. I want to know how you're doing: let it all out. We're also going to talk about so many other things, though! What are you watching on Netflix? Fill me in on your hobbies. Tell me about the best vacation you've ever taken. I really want to get to know you during your session, and you can talk about whatever grown up topics you want!

Document Your Body

Pregnancy is special. You're growing a human - a whole freaking human! That's incredible, and you deserve to document how your body is changing. If you're feeling out of control in your body or uncomfortable in your skin, those feelings are valid, too. Your body is experiencing one of the biggest changes it will ever go through. It's time to reconnect with your body and show it some love. This is still your body, and it's doing such a wonderful job at being your body. Document it, and then cherish those heirloom photos for years after the birth of your child. Memories fade quickly. These photos won't.

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