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A Bridal Booty That’s Poppin’

I love booty shots. They are always some of my favorites in every gallery I create, and Babe A got a whooooooole lot of them in her gallery! Quick scroll down, I’ll wait. Did you see her booty? How could I not take a million photos of it?! She came to Buxom Boudoir ready to feel empowered, step outside her comfort zone, and get an amazing album for her fiancé, and I was in love with her whole session! Not only was she funny, chill and super sweet, she was also down to try anything! She threw shirts at the camera, rolled her body all over the place, and popped her booty more than I think she ever thought she could! I love it when babes trust me.

Plus, she brought her stunning bridal veil with her. This was the same veil her mother wore on her wedding day – how beautiful is that?

I love shooting bridal boudoir for a few reasons. Planning a wedding is stressful and grueling. If I can break up that stress with a celebration of your body, then I’m living my best life! You’re getting married, which is amazing and should be fun! Unfortunately, all the time up until the “I do” isn’t always that great. I want you to do something fun, that’s 100% for you, during the planning process. Schedule time to be in your skin and unwind. That’s why I love bridal boudoir so much.

Plus, boudoir does make an awesome gift. I don’t want someone experiencing a shoot for the sole purpose of getting a gift, but an album or photos happen to be an awesome bonus. With bridal boudoir, you’ve taken time for self-care AND you knocked something off your to-do list. That’s a win-win.

I adored working with Babe A. She kicked her photo shoot’s butt (quite literally I think), and I know she’s going to be a stunning bride. Babe A was so stoked about her photos that she didn’t even wait until her wedding day to give them to her fiance. To be so in love and excited about how you look in your photos that you can’t wait to give them to someone is the biggest compliment ever.

Ready to embrace your body or need to do something empowering during wedding planning? Contact me to learn more about boudoir photography.

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