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A Tour of the New Studio

The new boudoir studio in Port Washington is ready to go! I cannot wait to get more beautiful humans in for shoots. The space is bigger than my home, the colors are so fun, and it's right on Lake Michigan. Buxom Boudoir is located in downtown Port Washington, close to restaurants, coffee shops and shopping. There's all day free parking, too! It's also wheelchair accessible, which was critical for me while I was searching for a space. I'm in love with the studio's location, and I'm so stoked to show it off to you!

What's At the Studio

When you come in for your boudoir shoot, here's what you'll find:

A hair and makeup station: Hair and makeup is included in my sessions, so we will gussy you up at the studio! You can roll out of bed and come here. I want my sessions to feel like one big pamper experience for you.

Racks of lingerie: If you don't want to bring in your own lingerie, I've got lots of options you can borrow! I carry small through 4x. There are harnesses, robes, fishnets, body jewelry, body glitter, and a ton of other accessories, too!

A mini coffee bar: Need caffeine to get going? I've set up a small coffee bar and am more than happy to get you a cup while you get your hair and makeup done. I'm pretty proud of the mugs I found. There's also a mini fridge stocked with bottled and sparkling water.

A Private Bathroom: Once we've chosen your outfits and it's time to shoot, there's a large bathroom that will be your private space. There are hooks for your lingerie, a few mirrors so you can check everything, and positive affirmations all over the walls.

The Shooting Space: One half of the studio is set up for prep and the other it set up for shooting. In the shooting portion of the studio we've got a velvet yellow sofa, a green velvet chair, a queen sized bed, lots of window sills, colorful rugs and a huge mirror to shoot with. There are so many options! I have sooooo many pose ideas for this studio. Who wants to try them out with me?

I feel unbelievably blessed that after 4 years of shooting, I am finally able to have a boudoir studio of my own. If you want to set up a session, email me at hello@buxomboudoir!

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