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A Wet and Wild Session at the Studio

When Babe A and I started planning her session, I knew it was going to be killer. She set up an appointment before her session to try out wardrobe (yes, you can totally do that) and chose several options to wear during her shoot. Everything she wore at her boudoir shoot is from the studio wardrobe. She brought the blue strappy piece but then gifted it to the studio, which is so sweet of her. She also brought the white tank top with, but we destroyed that. You'll see when you scroll. She went hard on that tank top, and we created one of my favorite images from 2020 by doing so. FEEL FREE TO BRING IN WARDROBE WE CAN DESTROY. I can't even put into words how freeing and fun it is to tear your clothes off at the end of a session. All the frustration you feel about your body gets taken out on a piece of clothing, and that feels dang good.

Your boudoir session can be as revealing, sensual or sexy as you want it to be, and I adore that Babe A came in to the studio like "I'm doing super sexy the whole time." I love the wardrobe. I loved her energy. The whole thing was perfection, and I had a blast photographing her.

My message to Babe A: you rock. Don't ever forget that! Thank you for trusting me to photograph you and capture your confidence and joy.

These white tank top shots are my fav. The one where the shirt ripped and is barely covering her chest is one of my favorite shots from 2020. When you rip a shirt, you never know how the fabric is going to lay, but this tank top ripped perfectly. And the little glimmer off her belly button ring? *Chef's kiss*

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