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An Empowering Session with Babe S

When Babe S and I talked during her phone consult, she filled me in on why she wanted to do a boudoir shoot. I always ask why someone is interested in a session like this because it helps me plan and create a shoot. Her reasoning is exactly why I do what I do.

After a bad break up, Babe S realized she needed more self love in her life and she wanted to lean into her sexual power. She was feeling undesirable and doubting herself.

Her session nipped that in the bud! Even if those feelings of self doubt come back (because remember - healing isn't linear) she can look at these photos and remember that she is a powerful human! She is deserving of love both from herself and other people.

"The session was all about me and how I see myself, and the only opinion that mattered was mine. I loved that. I want that for myself and for everyone all day, every day. "

Boudoir is a tool we can use for healing. It's a stepping stone. It's one way to celebrate ourselves and connect with our body and mind, and it's pretty freaking fun to do! Babe S jokingly told me I needed more disco balls, and I agree! Disco ball vibes and celebratory self love is the mood I want my sessions to have, and Babe S got that (she like, really got that! Go look at her sequined outfit!)

Babe S is fierce. She's strong. She's creative (she knitted that cute PJ set you see) and self aware, and I hope after this session she sees that. I hope she no longer feels like a stranger to herself. To Babe S - you're freaking awesome!

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