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Black Lace, Candles and Self Love with Babe A

When Babe A showed up for her shoot, she was ready for anything. She was excited, she was open to new ideas, and best of all, she was ready to go all-in on an experience that was going to help her love herself a little more. She had been thinking about doing a boudoir shoot for 3 years, and she was ready to rock it! When someone comes into the studio with that much energy, I get super pumped up, too. She had expressed some concerns about the weight she’s gained in the last few years, but we know that our weight has nothing to do with our worth! As soon as she came out in the first bodysuit, I felt like she had that epiphany, too. She transformed into a confident goddess, and I think some of those feelings have stuck with her, which is the ultimate goal.

“It was an awesome experience! Not only was I excited to see my pictures, but I felt like a goddess for several days!….Thennnnnnn I got my pictures and was like “Hot damn!” I remember messaging Alicia and telling her that I looked SEXY! It was phenomenal to see myself in that way!” – Babe A

“I do see myself from others’ perspectives now and it’s amazing what Alicia and her team can do! If I need a little love I will look back at my pictures!” – Babe A. This quote from Babe A is the reason I do what I do. This is the whole reason I got into boudoir. You deserve to give yourself love! You’re worthy of self-love, and if the photos we take are the reminder you need, then they are serving their purpose.

Babe A’s advice to someone thinking about doing boudoir? “DO IT! DO IT! DO IT!”

XOXO, Alicia

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