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Blood Sucking and Body Positivity

Even vampires need self-love and body positivity sometimes. After millennia on earth, there’s bound to be a day or two of self-hatred. Fangs aren’t sharp enough, skin isn’t pale enough, eyes are too red…the list of insecurities could go on and on, and this vampire goddess had a few. Together, though, we were able to showcase the parts of her body she loves, like her curves that she uses to coerce men into murder den, and her cheekbones, which are almost sharper than a silver stake. Through this spooky session, she was able to see how amazing her body is, and hopefully these photos will help on her down days for the next thousand years.

Here’s some fun tid bits you learn when photographing a vampire. First, I was worried she wouldn’t even show up on camera, but it turns out this old myth is false. Second, when a vampire needs a snack, you let her get a snack. While the look of “I think I’m going to eat you” seemed similar to bed room eyes and I was digging it for the shoot, we thought it best to pause the boudoir session and let her eat her lunch. Things got a bit out of hand (anyone know where I can find a new lighting assistant?) but we decided to run with it, and I love the results!

Ready to love your body? Let’s set up a session!

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