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Book a Session with Your Ride or Die

When we think about photography sessions, family portraits and couples shoots come to mind. It makes perfect sense that you'd want to document those relationships because they're really important!

But what about the best friend who was there for you during a really bad break up? Or the friend you met in third grade and still talk to on a weekly basis? Or the bestie who you met and immediately knew you could trust for the rest of your life? She's your ride or die! Doesn't that deserve to be documented forever?

Those friendships are valuable and worth photographing in a beautiful and lasting way. You may not be related by blood, but you're just as close, and that type of relationship deserves a photo shoot, too!

I offer best friend sessions so you can create gorgeous, heirloom artwork with the person who just gets you! We'll capture what makes your friendship unique.

Hair and makeup is included for both of you, you both have access to the studio wardrobe, you'll receive posing guidance so no one feels awkward, and you'll get to see your photos the same day at your ordering appointment.

You can wear lingerie, bathing suits or beautiful dresses. These sessions can be in the boudoir studio or outside in Port Washington. We can customize the look and location to fit your friendship!

I'd love to chat more about how to celebrate your friendship through a photo shoot! Contact me to set up a phone consult so you can tell me all about your amazing friendship and check out these two BFFs rocking it at South Beach in Port Washington.

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