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Boudoir is for Everyone

Boudoir is for everyone. Every single person should learn that their body is worthy of documentation and celebration; however, it doesn’t always feel that way. I follow some phenomenal photographers who rarely, if ever, photograph people outside the skinny/athletic checkbox. Their photos are beautiful, but if I was looking to hire someone, I wouldn’t exactly feel welcomed just by looking at their work. I know this is the problem many plus-size, differently-abled, etc. people face when looking for a boudoir photograph, including this magnificent woman, Babe M.

When Babe M and I were shooting, she told me the reason she chose Buxom Boudoir was because she saw women of different shapes and sizes in my portfolio. She felt I could do her body shape justice because I’ve worked with plus size babes before. It’s so important that you trust your photographer because if there’s any doubt in your mind that they don’t know what to do with you, that doubt will show on your face. If you don’t see someone with a similar build as you, ask if they’ve ever shot someone like you before; photographers can only share work they have a signed release for, so maybe they have and they just can’t share those photos. Just because someone hasn’t shot your body type or age before doesn’t mean they don’t want to. Sometimes, they just haven’t had the opportunity yet. It’s important that you get that dialogue going with your boudoir photograph so you feel at ease.

And if it’s clear that a photographer isn’t comfortable with a shape or size or they show no indication of wanting to showcase diversity in their portfolio, they aren’t for you. Boudoir is for everybody! You should feel welcomed, safe and secure with your boudoir photographer.

I know that’s how Babe M felt during her session. Just look at her photos! She was giving me face. She was giving me body! She bringing it hard, and I was living for it! We had so much fun, and her reveal session when I got to show her all her photos was phenomenal.

Remember this: You are worthy of this. You deserve to be celebrated. At any point in your life, you can do this.

If you feel comfortable with me, let’s chat about setting up a session.

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