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Bring Yourself into the Things You Want to Find

Have you heard of manifesting your goals and dreams? The idea is that if you focus your thoughts on an outcome or goal, you can get it. Of course, we don't just get things because we think about them, but putting yourself in a state of mind where you believe you deserve them could open up opportunities you would have missed otherwise. When I was reading through Babe S's story, she mentioned that a friend complimented her by saying they love how willing she is to bring herself to the things she seeks to find. If she wants something, she figures out how to put herself in a position where she can get it. I only met Babe S for a few hours, and I couldn't agree more. It's absolutely inspiring. She seems like such a go-getter, she radiates positivity and love, and she makes everyone feel better. I love that she puts herself out there and steps outside of her comfort zone. She's not afraid to grow, and she's figuring out how to do so. Whatever she wants, I see no reason why she couldn't get it.

Same goes for you, babe. Start manifesting. Start thinking about what you want, and put yourself into the situations where you can get it. You need to start telling yourself that you deserve it! Lets all be a little more like Babe S and put ourselves out there so we find ourselves in the situations we dream of. We can do it!

How do you feel about your body? At the end of the day, it did its job. I don't always love or hate it, my opinions of myself tend to come in waves. But I think we should all remember that our bodies keep us alive and moving and making memories, and that is nothing shy of amazing.

What's your best tip for feeling sexy? Fake it until you make it. And, that lacey bra doesn't have to be saved for the bedroom-- wear that cute matching set while you're out and about, it's sexy knowing you're wearing it like a secret nobody else would know. That way, you're also conditioning yourself to believe that lingerie is for YOU, not for someone else.


How do you feel about your age? When I was younger, I couldn't wait to grow up. To drive and drink (not at the same time!) and move on with life. I'm at the age now I wanted to be in junior high and high school where the world really is my oyster, and I still somehow find myself wishing I were older, but for a much different reason. Now, I can't wait to get to an age where I don't give a cinnamon toast f*** what someone thinks of the way I look, because I already have the people I want in my circle and the things I worked hard for in my younger years to have. I can't wait to join AARP, to walk into a restaurant and unabashedly ask for a senior coffee, and I can't wait until the day I have someone like present me in my life to pass along all the things I've learned to.

What gets better with age? Our brains are like a fine wine when it comes to freedom-- and I can't wait to experience the liberation that comes with being older and not caring what people will think of my Crocs while I'm sipping my senior coffee at some cafe.

What's the best compliment you've ever received? I was recently told by a friend that they love how willing I am to bring myself to the things I seek to find.

What do you wish you could tell your younger self? There are so many things-- to not get hung up over the things that will happen in school, to focus on yourself and your own growth, to leave any friendship or relationship that can't reciprocate your effort.

Describe yourself in five words Hard working, independent, self aware, caring, adaptive

What have you overcome or accomplished that you're proud of? Nothing particularly stands out for me, but I think it's worth mentioning that sometimes, just waking up and carrying on with a day, is an accomplishment. I've been trying to remind myself that it's okay if the only thing I'm proud of myself for today is keeping myself alive and safe.

On bad body image days, how will you remind yourself that you're awesome? I think about how many miles these aching feet of mine have carried me over the years. How high the staircase would be if it were every step my hurting knees have ever climbed. How far across the earth my arms could stretch if each hug I've given added another pair of my outstretched arms to the count. Through all my bad days, my hardships and my doubts, the ONLY thing that has ever been there for me every single time was my body.

What's your favorite form of self care? Doing nothing- I find that I'm more relaxed after I've cleaned a room in my house or accomplished some other task, but I've realized that I'm not actually doing those things because I want to, for myself. The time I can spend doing nothing after I complete some task, though, that's my time.

Ready to learn more about a boudoir session? Contact me, and we will set up a phone consult. I want to hear about your goals and vision. It's time to step outside of your comfort zone.

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