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Can You See Yourself in a New Way?

Updated: May 26, 2020

Seeing ourselves in a new way is not easy. Just see yourself as beautiful and sexy! It should be simple, right? If you want to see yourself as sexy or sensual but you can't right now, that's ok. Our brains have been trained to think a certain way, and it's going to take training to change that. Little kids don't have any qualms with their body. It's a learned behavior, which also means it can be unlearned. Be gentle with yourself, and don't rush the process. You'll get there.

Babe V saw herself as a vibrant, gorgeous, sexy babe during her session. She had a fire inside and was ready to shut down the shit her inner critic said. That's not a feeling a lot of us experience on the regular, but in the studio, women are having epiphanies. They're realizing they are HOT! They are strong, they are confident, and they deserve every bit of joy and happiness they have (if not more.) They discover they are worthy of respect and love. Babe V was already on the way to all this. She knew she had value. I could see her confidence the moment she stepped into the studio, but if our session pushed her in that direction even more, then it was a success.

"You were able to let me see that I AM SEXY!! I plan on making more time for me to feel sexy. Not for someone else but for me."

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