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Creativity + Awesome Babe = Epic Shoot

Sometimes you just gotta grab confetti and go with it. When Babe N and I decided to do a shoot together, I knew I wanted to get creative with it and push us both outside of our comfort zones. She’s a stellar babe who’s open to new ideas, and I’m SO STOKED she agreed to let me play around. What began as a standard boudoir photo shoot morphed into a neon glam party followed by a trek through the woods.

Babe N is a body positive model, and if you want to put a voice to the face, you need to listen to the Call Me Taboo podcast Self Love episodes. That’s where we met! We were both guests on episodes about boudoir and body positivity, and it’s amazing that we finally got to collaborate on a photo project.

Here’s the thing when you’re a creative person – sometimes you just gotta go for it. I’ve been an artist all my life, and I get antsy doing the same thing over and over. I always want to experiment. Sometimes, the experiment goes awry, but in this case, I think playing with lights and shooting in the middle of a stream looks epic. While these aren’t your average boudoir photos, I loved creating them. If you ever have a unique idea or something new you want to try for your shoot, just let me know! If I think it’s feasible, I am game to try it!

If there’s confetti on the floor, you had a productive day, ammirite? And believe me, there was a lot of confetti on the floor as I attempted to get ONE decent shot of the gold confetti I bought specifically for this shoot. Remember when I said experimenting doesn’t always work? Well, learning to shoot falling chunks of glitter cardboard is definitely something I need to work on, but it was fun trying.

A fitting end to our day was seeing two does along the creek where we were shooting in Port Washington. I’m obsessed with deer. My living room is filled with them, and thankfully, Babe N took pity on my as I struggled to move my attention back onto our shoot. I asked if I could grab a few shots of the does, and she said “Yeah, I’m cool with sharing my photo shoot.” Hopefully, she’s cool with sharing her blog post, too.

Ready to get your party started? Contact me HERE to send me a message.

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