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Do It For You

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Why book a boudoir shoot? When I first started shooting, I thought the end game was to have something special for your significant other. I don't believe that anymore, and I shoot that way anymore. More and more of my clients are coming to me to celebrate themselves. They are booking sessions to feel sensual and powerful for themselves. I love that!

Babe J booked this session for herself. (And she travelled from South Carolina to do so - whaaaaaaat!) She pushed herself outside of her comfort zone and we got sooo much variety! Beach sessions are my fav. A million thanks to Babe J for trusting me and for travelling across several states to shoot with me. She makes my heart so happy. Check out her images and story, and get your brain wheels turning on what self love actions you can do for YOU. You deserve to treat yourself. You deserve to invest in yourself. You deserve to be like Babe J.

How do you feel about your body? Great

What's your best tip for feeling sexy? Just do it

How do you feel about your age? Perfect

What gets better with age? Confidence

What's the best compliment you've ever received? Your vibe is dope

What do you wish you could tell your younger self? Follow your heart

What have you overcome or accomplished that you're proud of? Taken nakedish photos

On bad body image days, how will you remind yourself that you're awesome? Look in the mirror & see how far I’ve come

What's your favorite form of self care? Bubble baths & tattoos

Sooooo can all clients bring in tulle skirts from here on out? I think I need to add some to my studio wardrobe.
If you need me, I'll just be over here oohing and aweing over how freaking pretty Babe J is.

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