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Exploring the Saukville Woods with Babe H

Boudoir isn’t just for inside the studio. You can take it just about anywhere, including the woods. If you love wild flowers, trees, fresh air or babbling brooks, you need to explore the Saukville Nature Preserve.

Babe H is an adventurous soul and went trekking with me in a gorgeous white bodysuit and lace robe. Along with yards of tulle, a bouquet of flowers and the desire to shoot photos a wood nymph would die over, Babe H and I created one of the most magical boudoir shoots I’ve had the pleasure of being a part of.

I think the best part of this shoot is what Babe H said afterwards. “Loving my body has probably been the most difficult part of my journey. Since having my son and gaining what we all know as the “mom bod,” I was determined to not be defined by my curves, my stretch marks, the extra skin that wasn’t there before, etc. Because at the end of the day, I wasn’t the same girl anymore. I wasn’t even a girl for that matter. Now, I was a woman, and I have curves and thighs and I’m definitely not a size 1 anymore but I’m so okay with that. This is me, loving my body and I think that’s even sexier.”

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