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Finding the Passion for Your Body

There are so many things this babe is passionate about, but her body isn’t always one of them. Raise your hand is you relate (*raises hand as high as I possibly can*). When I got Kaari’s application for my Babe Ambassador program, I knew immediately that she had to shoot with me. She’s fun, kind, hilarious and open to getting out of her comfort zone.

“As a plus size woman I’d love to show people that I can be beautiful as [well]. [I’m a] Veterinary receptionist, rugby player…. there is a sexy side to everyone…. even though I’m a hot mess at work and on the field – a sexy one!”

There is a sexy side to everyone, and Kaari totally unleashed hers! She brought it, and she brought it hard!

What did you love about your boudoir experience?

“So working with Alicia ( and Jen and Mandy) starts off comfortable and fun and a blast. They made me feel happy and excited to see what we could all do together. As a bigger woman it’s always been engrained to be ashamed to have more or to not be a size 2 or that because I am bigger I should hide myself, and for years I did. But leaving the shoot I felt a new pep in my step and when I got my images back, it was breathtaking to see myself as me and feel beautiful. I would choose Buxom a million times over and I am so honored to be an ambassador for a product and business I stand behind 1000%.”

“I have a passion for my body! I am so happy.”

When Kaari said she wanted to shoot in my new shower setting, I was stoked! I could tell she was a little nervous about it, and she said she was stepping outside her comfort zone. I said “hey, it’s great to step a little outside your comfort zone,” and she remarked “I’m stepping WAY OUT!” It was a funny but also very empowering moment. She didn’t let her fear stop her from doing something beautiful and kickass. I’m so glad she got topless and hopped in the shower because these were my favorite images from our boudoir session!

At the end of the session I asked Kaari if she had any advice to women who want to try boudoir. She said, “Just do it. Best feeling in the world to embrace yourself!”

I am so proud to see this confident and strong woman do something for herself and her body. She’s grown so much in the time I’ve known her, and I’m excited to see where she heads from here. We can all be more like Kaari and try to find a passion for our body.

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