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Getting Comfy Outside of My Comfort Zone

I wanted to write something profound for this series of photos, something meaningful about growth that would stick to the reader for the rest of the day. But I don't have anything profound in me today. I just want to talk about this really awesome session, and I hope that's enough. Maybe something will resonate with you. At the very least, you'll have a neon webcam session to explore.

I'm not a super sexual person, and the fetish and BDSM world is far beyond the scope of what I like to do in the bedroom. I don't shoot fetish or BDSM, either. This is not an area where I'm an expert. I'm not even a novice, but when the opportunity arose to shoot this genre, I took it. I didn't know what to expect, and I figured I might be a bit uncomfortable at times, but there's merit to this genre, and I knew I should learn more about it in the event a client wants to discuss it or shoot elements of it.

Growth isn't comfortable, but this virtual group shoot was a safe place I could grow as a boudoir photographer without judgement. Because there was a screen between us, I felt slightly removed from the session, which is exactly what I needed to ease myself into BDSM photography. Baby steps, right?

I have a better understanding of what this lifestyle and type of photography entails. It's far less intimidating to me to me now, and while I don't see myself taking on full fetish or BDSM sessions anytime soon, I won't say it'll never happen. Bring on the crops, the collars, the chains and the wax play. (please, please to the wax play. It looks so cool on camera.) I think these would all be phenomenal props to help my clients explore their sexuality and feel more empowered in the bedroom, whether that's as a dom, a sub, or somewhere in the middle.

You keep doing what you need to to get outside of your comfort zone. I'll keep working on photographing outside of mine. And maybe I'll buy a leather whip...

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