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Happy Birthday to Me!

It's my birthday, and I wanted to do something fun. I asked my husband to stand in as a human tripod and I planned a little birthday shoot for myself. Have you seen cake smash sessions? Yeah, I wanted that.... but with my butt.

Boudoir is a wonderful way to celebrate a birthday. I've been feeling disconnected from my body lately and I always struggle with the truth that I'm getting older. Birthdays aren't my fav, but a boudoir session reignited my love for my body. I appreciate all it does for me. I'm grateful I've made it around the sun 31 times. This body has gotten me far, and these photos help me realize that.

I love how playful these photos are. I'm glad I documented having fun in my body! They were 100% worth pulling sprinkles out of my butt.

Want to book your own birthday cake smash session? You bring the butt - I'll bring the cake!

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