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I Hate Diet Culture, Not Dieters

a sad face drawn on an empty plate

I hate diet culture, not dieters. Diet culture is a pervasive force in our society that promotes the idea that thinness is the only acceptable body type and that dieting is the only way to achieve it. This is a damaging and false message that has led to an increase in disordered eating, body image issues, and an overall unhealthy relationship with food.

Diet culture is a system of beliefs that values thinness over health, and it is perpetuated by the media, diet companies, and even our own friends and family. It tells us that we must be thin to be attractive, successful, and happy. It tells us that we must restrict our food intake and exercise excessively in order to achieve this goal. It tells us that if we don’t, we are failures. This is a dangerous.

Diet culture has created a world where people are constantly judging themselves and others based on their size and shape. It has created a world where people are afraid to eat certain foods or enjoy certain activities because they are afraid of being judged. It has created a world where people are ashamed of their bodies and feel like they have to hide them away. That's why I hate diet culture, not dieters.

Dieters are people who are trying to make positive changes in their lives. Maybe they think dieting will make them healthier. Maybe they think being thin will increase their worth. They are not to blame for the damaging messages that diet culture has created. They believe those lies, just like I did. I've dieted more times than I can count. The dieters aren't the problem unless their perpetuating harmful behavior to others. If we can change the belief that thin bodies are more valuable than fat bodies, dieting won't exist.

It is time to end diet culture and start promoting a culture of self-love. We need to stop judging people based on their size and shape and start celebrating all bodies. We need to stop promoting restrictive diets and start promoting healthy eating habits, find solutions for food deserts, and improve ED support. We need to stop telling people that they have to be thin to be happy and start telling them that they can be happy at whatever size their body naturally wants to be.

If you're dieting, I understand. I've been there. I know the pressure you're feeling. I can see the struggle you're facing, and I empathize. I'm sending you good vibes and the hope that one day you feel neutrality in your body.

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