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Kwik Trip But Make It Sexy

In December, Kwik Trip launched a new line of merch: underwear. If a Wisconsin staple announces that they are making underwear, of course I have to be a part of it.

The tricky bit was approaching someone with this concept of "Kwik Trip but make it sexy" without them thinking I'm a crazy person. Gas stations and road trip essentials aren't my first though when I hear boudoir, but I knew Kwik Trip could pull through. Thankfully, when I reached out to Babe M with the concept, she was down. She's also a big fan of Kwik Trip's peanut butter rice krispy treats, so this was definitely going to work. I'm forever grateful there are people in my life who will let me shoot *unique* sessions with them.

I hope the folks behind marketing at Kwik Trip see these photos. Better yet, I hope they share them! Ya'll better appreciate the art we were able to make with your donuts, coffee and underwear! Why make undergarments with your logo plastered on them if you don't want to see the butts that fill them? Ammirite?

If you want to get your own pair of Kwik Trip underwear, you can check them out here. If you want to book a session and use the studio's pair (it's a small), book your session here.

Lastly, Glazers are better than Krispy Kremes. I'll die on that hill.

BONUS CONTENT! There were several very funny blooper moments, but I particularly liked the one where Babe M offered to let the taco tortilla chips fall into her mouth and the entire bag decided to make a run for it.

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