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Learning to Love the Body You Have with Babe J

Babe J is a kickass woman. She’s got a lot going on in her life right now, and I was stoked when she decided to take a breather by doing a boudoir shoot. When I say that boudoir is a great form of self-care, I mean it. And for Babe J, this was a chance for her to reconnect with her body. She’s had children and surgery, both of which has changed her stomach, and she was a little worried about it. I wanted to show her how lovely and sexy and amazing her body still is, stomach included!

We pumped toonage, we chatted a lot, we stretched and posed (yes, I pose with you!) and we had an awesome time. It felt like two friends hanging out, not like a formal photo shoot.

I asked Babe J what she thought about her shoot afterwards. “What I loved about my shoot more than anything was how much I thought I would feel completely self-conscious, yet didn’t for a second. I have scars on my stomach from a recent surgery, and I’ve had two kids, my stomach is definitely something I hate. But I wasn’t thinking about it. Instead I was having fun!” That sums up my goals with every boudoir shoot – I want to take something you hate and show you that it’s worthy of love.

Boudoir won’t suddenly make you love every part of your body, but it’s a GIANT step in the right direction. You might not love everything right away. In Babe J’s case, she’s still getting there, but she feels like she is working on a better relationship with her body, especially after seeing her photos.

Her advice to women who are thinking about experiencing boudoir? “Honestly, put those nerves on the shelf girl! It’s all about you!!! You deserve to feel beautiful in your own skin. Own it!!! This photographer can totally get you there! Trust her!!!!” And no, I did not add that many exclamation points; that was all Babe J, which I think shows just how much she loved her experience.

XOXO, Alicia

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