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Loving Her Body from Head to Toe with Babe Ambassador Megan

I am so excited to introduce you to Babe Ambassador Megan! It was an honor to photograph her, and women like Megan are the reason I got into boudoir. My Babe Ambassador program is brand spankin’ new, and I’m excited to share the stories and photos of these incredible women. Megan had to be a part of this new adventure once I heard how her relationship with her body has changed since her divorce.

“I’m in the middle of a divorce where I was cheated on. I felt like it was my fault because I had gained weight after 2 kids and wasn’t as pretty as I once was. I’m finally in the best shape I’ve ever been, loving myself, and realizing him cheating is a reflection of who he is, not who I am.” After hearing that, I knew she needed to become a part of the Buxom Boudoir team.

You guys…she killed it! Megan took any self-doubts or fear she had and channeled it into become one fierce babe during her boudoir shoot.

I think the best part about Megan’s shoot was actually her reveal. Megan mentioned before her reveal that she wasn’t the biggest fan of her stretchmarks, which most of us can find relatable. Before any shoot, I ask my clients what parts of their bodies they aren’t madly in love with, and I typically try and include one or two photos that include those areas. I do this because as someone goes through their gallery, I want them to realize those areas deserve just as much love as the booty, legs or breasts in the other photos. Megan stopped at the photo where her stretchmarks are visible and really thought about it. She was unsure, and I told her that’s ok. She didn’t have to like it, but I was proud she took the time to look at it. She came back to it a few more times and then said “these stretchmarks are a result of my children, so I should love them.” AND THEN SHE ORDERED THE PHOTO! That is a HUUUUUGE step towards self-acceptance. If I had a confetti gun, I would have blasted it into the air at that moment.

“I have never really felt confident in my own skin. I thought I’d be so nervous but I was made to feel beautiful from moment one and didn’t think about my insecurities even once. Seeing my flaws on film was scary for me, but I fell in love with all my stretchmarks and scars.” – Megan

Megan is an exceptional woman, and I think we can all strive to work on our self-love like her. The entire time I worked with her I saw her confidence grow, and I cannot wait to see her flourish as she continues to love herself.

If you’re ready to embrace your body and celebrate the heck out of it, contact me HERE!

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