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(Not) Only Good Vibes

Good vibes. Yes. Good vibes only? No. I’m not really a fan of that phrase. I get that whoever came up with it was going for positivity, but if we expect ourselves to be good all the time, we’re setting ourselves up for failure. You CANNOT feel good all the time. Just ain’t gonna happen.

That’s why all vibes are welcome at my studio: sad vibes, anxious vibes, stressed vibes, at the end of my rope vibes. You wanna sit on my couch and cry for a little bit because this week sucked? Go for it, and if you need a hug, let me know. Feeling really nervous about being so vulnerable in front of another person? I want to help you work through that. Need to word vomit all over me just to get some stress out of your system? I’ll listen.

I don’t expect you to be on your A-game when you reach out to me for the first time, when you arrive to your session or even when you come for your reveal. Not every day can be a good day, and maybe you’re having a really rough time on one of the days we interact. That’s ok.

Give yourself permission to have bad days. Enjoy your good vibes and strive for them when you can, but don’t expect yourself to live in those feelings forever. We love good vibes, but we can’t expect them to be our only energy. We can’t expect good vibes from our friends and families 100% of the time, either. Good vibes come and go. (I will just note that the only bad vibes I won’t tolerate are the ones that harm others like racism and homophobia. I don’t have time for those bad vibes and neither should you!)

If you’re having a rough go at it during your session, I’ll do what I can to hype you up, make you laugh, and feel better. I’m not a therapist, and I don’t have any magical cures for feeling down. I just want you to know that you are allowed to feel whatever you feel. You don’t have to put up a front or an act. Come as you are, and maybe you’ll feel a little better when you leave.

Will having the same mentality help you in your life? Probably. Be gentle with yourself. You’re not a failure on those bad vibe days. I hope you have ways to accept negative feelings and ways to let them go so you can get back to joy, laughter, contentment and living your best life.

Speaking of good vibes, I was so stoked to shoot babes out in Vegas. Enjoy my first session while I was out there! Babe A killed it, and I’m excited to share her images with you!

Ready to book your session? Shoot me a message.

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