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This Podcast Babe Used Boudoir to Empower Herself

When Sarah Ta Boo, the babe behind the podcast Call Me Taboo, invited me to be on her show to discuss boudoir and body positivity, I knew she had to experience it first hand. She messaged me saying she was interested in working on her self-love, and I was all for it! Anytime someone works on loving themselves a little more, I am your hype girl. I knew I had to get her in the studio and do a shoot with her, and I’m so glad we made it happen. I saw first-hand the effect that this shoot had on Sarah, and I feel honored that she let me in on that part of her life.

At first, she was a little nervous. Hey – no worries! There’s a lot of misconceptions about boudoir, which we discussed on her show, and one of the big ones is feeling like you have to have a certain level of confidence before your shoot. You don’t. Boudoir is about building that confidence, and I don’t expect any of the people I shoot to feel like a supermodel before we begin (but if you do, that’s awesome.) Boudoir is one of many steps towards creating that confidence, and as I sat in the recording studio with Sarah a few weeks after our session, I saw that confidence. It made my heart happy.

Sarah discussed her body issues during the recording, and even though she struggles with some aspects of her body, she didn’t let that stop her from stepping outside of her comfort zone. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: nothing can grow inside your comfort zone. You have to do new things and try something intimidating if you want to empower yourself! Sarah took this idea and ran with it, not just with boudoir, but by starting a whole podcast. She’s about a month in, and her show is already thriving! I can’t wait to see how her venture grows, and I’m excited to see how she embraces her new found confidence. Let’s be real. She’s a babe, and I’m pumped that she’s fully embracing it!

To check out my episodes with Call Me Taboo (the boudoir episode releases on April 3rd and the body positive episode releases on April 5th), search for Call Me Taboo on Itunes or click HERE. And if you want to help out a fellow Buxom Babe, leave her a review! I hope you enjoy listening to these episodes as much as I loved recording them. I was a nervous wreck, but since we’re on the topic of stepping outside of comfort zones, I’m thrilled I stepped out of mine. This adventure was empowering for both Sarah and myself!

Step outside your comfort zone by booking a shoot HERE.

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