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RADIANT: A Self-Love Group Session

Our bodies, although different colors, shapes, sizes and heights, are radiant. They are glorious. They are celebratory. Our bodies are undeniably worthy of love and appreciation, and this group of amazing ladies came together to show just that. We were all vastly different, but our similarities and willingness to grow brought us together.

Myself and Nichole started chatting a while back about hosting a group shoot, and after bouncing ideas off one another, we knew we had found the perfect theme: Radiant. Radiant women send out light. They shine! That’s what I want women to do. We should all feel confident enough in our skin that we shine. It was important to us that these women felt radiant, so everyone got extra sparkle to help them shine. Bling makes everything bright, ammirite? It was a simple but elegant concept, and it really came together when our beautiful babes arrived for their session. They were the ones who made this group shoot extra special.

I wasn’t able to spend much time with the group as a whole since I was bopping around with women one at a time to get their individual shots, but you know what I heard through the walls? I heard laughter. I heard joy! These amazing women were sharing stories, making jokes, and having fun. There wasn’t a sense of insecurity or fear. They were all supporting one another. When I’d come back to the dining room to grab the next model, the rest of the women would cheer her on. They were shining their inner lights on one another. I could literally hear them being radiant, and my heart about melted out of my chest.

I cannot begin to describe how proud I am of each woman I photographed during the Radiant shoot. Each one came with an open mind. They put themselves out there. They tried something new, and they kicked total ass at it! This is what we should do in our daily lives. Push yourself outside of your comfort zone. It’s the only way to grow, and if you wanna glow, you gotta grow.

Each of these women has their own story, and I want to make sure I do them justice. I will share each one’s story and photos in their own blog post, but until then, enjoy this sneak peak at their amazing images!

Ready to love your body like Babe K? Let’s set up a session!

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