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Realizing You're Sexy by Yourself

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

The funny thing about self-love is that no matter how much someone else might try and force it on you, you really can only find it for yourself. It doesn't matter how many compliments you get, how much love is showered on you or how much support your receive (although those things definitely help and are appreciated), how you feel about yourself eventually comes down to how you speak and act towards yourself. The actions of others can't define how you feel about yourself. You get to build that relationship yourself, which is actually awesome because then, no matter what the outside world throws at you, you know that you are worthy, amazing, deserving of love and fine as hell.

That's the realization Babe M had during her shoot. Our session was the final nudge she needed to see herself in a new way. She opened herself up to the possibility that she's sexy, she shut down her inner critic and she embraced her femininity and those sexy as hell vibes. I think we can all agree Babe M is gorgeous (and she's super sweet, funny and kind as well!), but she needed to realize that on her own.

What did you love about your session? Did you feel like you grew in any ways?

I loved the fact that you were a BOMB cheerleader. I never once felt stupid or like I couldn't do it. I liked that you showed me how to do most of the poses that were more difficult so I knew exactly what to do and I loved that not only did I get to see my images that day, but also that you showed me some throughout the shoot. It pumped me up and helped me a lot to know that I was doing it right and I could look like the other girls do! I feel like I grew a lot by doing this shoot. It absolutely helped me to feel more confident and sexy. It pushed me out of my comfort zone and I think I really needed that.

Would you ever do another boudoir shoot?

I would absolutely do another boudoir shoot. I was so shocked at how much I enjoyed it! I don't think I need a whole bunch of pictures of my boudoir shoot all over the place, but I know my fiance will love his gift and I'm sure he would never say no to having another one! 

Do you feel like you have a better relationship with your body? What will you do in the future to show yourself some self-love?

I do think I have a better relationship with my body now. Someone can tell you oh you're so skinny a million times or your significant other can tell you you're sexy a million times and it will never be the same as you realizing it yourself. In the future I think I will be a little bit kinder to myself and not blow people off as much when they say something kind to me just because I think they're just trying to be nice.

Any words of advice to someone who is nervous about boudoir?

I would tell them that sometimes it is something to push yourself out of your comfort zone to have a self love break through. Don't compare yourself to the girls you see on all of the advertisements for boudoir. Just because you've never seen yourself like that before doesn't mean you can't and won't look just like that in your own way.

Why did you choose Buxom Boudoir?

I choose Buxom Boudoir because of the price range and the turnaround time for my album. Some people were charging way over $1,000 with just the purchases needing to meet a minimum of $1,000. While paying a bunch of money for a wedding at the same time, there was no way I could swing something that expensive and not everyone has that kind of money to be spending on something like this. A lot of people were also saying the turnaround time for an album would be almost 3 MONTHS. That would have been way past my deadline. Granted this was something I procrastinated on, but I thought that was a little crazy. I saw some of the style I liked on the website, but when I saw my pictures, I was so happy because it was EXACTLY what I wanted. Some places looked too posed and too smiley and not as shadowy and sexy which is what I was going for. I am so glad I made the choice that I did and I have already recommended Buxom Boudoir and I will continue to do so!

Loving this session? I think you'll dig THIS ONE too.

You decide your worth. Always remember that!

Ready to realize how sexy you are? Let's set up your session!

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