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She Found Comfort in Her Skin

There are tons of situations out there that can make us feel uncomfortable. Calling a blind date by the wrong name, telling a waitress “you too” after they say “have a good meal” or doing that weird sidewalk shuffle thing when you come face to face with someone on the street and you don’t know who should go left and who should go right.

But how often does one of the most simple situations in life become the most uncomfortable – just being in our own skin? So often we feel awkward or unattractive just by being in our bodies. That was the case for Babe A, but during her shoot, she learned how to embrace her body and love the skin she’s in.

“This experience was like nothing else I have ever done. I have never felt so good in my own skin. From start to finish I felt AMAZING. What I loved most about the experience is how comfortable I felt not only in my own skin but during the shoot. Alicia made me feel as if I knew her for years. I knew I was in a safe zone where I wouldn’t be judged for the stretch marks, my body shape, anyway I looked. I knew I was there to look great and try not to see the things I don’t like about my body.”

I think this is what makes boudoir so amazing. It helps women see how unbelievably beautiful they are with no judgement or fear. It takes an uncomfortable situation and makes it fun. You can totally be happy in your skin! Boudoir isn’t going to heal every self-doubt, but it will show you what you may not be able to see right now, which was the case for Babe A.

“Seeing myself how others see me was a very interesting feeling. It’s a feeling that is hard to explain. When I looked in the mirror I only saw a big girl or parts of my body I hated the most. Even after losing 20lbs I still saw the old me the bigger me. I have never felt so sexy and confident about myself. On days that I find myself hating on parts of my body or just having a big girl day I look at these pictures and remember how flipping great and amazing I felt that day and looked.”

Babe A is an amazing human being. She is funny, kind, courageous and hard-working. She deserves to love herself! We all do. I felt honored that she let me in on a little corner of her life and that she trusted me to be vulnerable. I see nothing but good things in her future, and she’s going to flourish. I can’t wait to see her growth!

Her advice to anyone thinking about booking a shoot: “I know it is easier said than done but try not to be nervous. Just remember to breath and act as if it is just you in the room looking amazing as ever. Alicia will help you look and feel like a million bucks in a judge free zone. Also, find pieces you feel your best and confident in. Black lace is your best friend, hides areas you don’t like about yourself.”

Black lace really is awesome, which is why I own a lot of it.

Also, while we were shooting we were joking about her making one of these photos her Christmas card, and I think we should all encourage that idea. I WANT TO SEE THAT! I mean, “ho ho ho yes, I look sexy AF” would look phenomenal on a card.

Ready to get your party started? Contact me HERE to send me a message.

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