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She's Accomplished A Lot with This Body

Today, I'm sharing Babe J's session and images. From the moment she walked into the studio, I knew we were going to have a killer session. Her energy was up, she was making jokes, and we were having a phenomenal time during hair and makeup. Her session hadn't even started yet, and I was thinking "yeah, this is going to be awesome." Guess what? I was right!

It was awesome despite Babe J feeling a little insecure. We all feel that way sometimes, right? Show me one person who never feels insecure and I'll give you a million bucks. Babe J has insecurities like all of us, but she didn't let her inner critic stop her from rocking her bod and crushing this shoot. Her confidence shined. I don't think "proud" is enough of an adjective to describe how I felt watching her pose and talk about her body.

She's had a baby. She's started a business. This year, Babe J turned 40. She's been through a lot with this body, and I'm thrilled I was able to help her celebrate it. I could keep oohing and ahhing over her, but let's be real, we all just want to look at her gorgeous photos! She shared her own story with me, and I wanted to pass that along, as well. Now then...get ready to ooh and ahh with me.

How do you feel about your body? I love how strong my body is but I don't feel that it's very sexy. It's not the typical model thin look that America seems to desire. I've had a child and a lot of weight gain in the past year.

What's your best tip for feeling sexy? Don't compare yourself to others.

How do you feel about your age? I'm getting better every day. I turned 40 this year and honestly I'm very happy about it. I feel a lot of freedom in being 40. Things that bothered me as I was younger, I know have the experience of years to know they aren't important.

What gets better with age? My lack of caring for other people's opinions. I've always been a people pleaser and now I'm working really hard on putting me first.

What do you wish you could tell your younger self? That you can do anything and don't put up with other people's bullshit. If a boss at a job is an asshole, find a new job where they respect you.

Describe yourself in five words Loud, Brash, Driven, Strong, Energetic

What have you overcome or accomplished that you're proud of? I think opening and owning a business right now. I started a boutique for maternity and postpartum in Fall 2018. Then moved locations in Fall 2019. And survived (so far) COVID19. Every day is something new and I'm thankful for the people who support this idea that mother's needs and wants are as important as the baby's.

On bad body image days, how will you remind yourself that you're awesome? The photos you took? But for serious. I have a new appreciation of my body. You see people in a different way and that's a blessing. Because as the owner of this body, I tend to look at it in a way that is critical. You showed me that I have a lot of assets.

What's your favorite form of self care? I love watercolor painting. I recently got into it after my husband bought me a subscription to Let's Make Art for Christmas. I have a lot of fun creating.

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