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Taking On Boudoir Again

Babe M is back, and she’s still kicking boudoir booty. We shot earlier this year, and apparently she had fun or something, because she came back and we did a creative session at the Iron Horse Hotel in Milwaukee. Yay! I love repeat clients because they know what to expect and they are ready to try something new. They feel way more comfortable with stripping down and giving their shoot all they’ve got. Their pros. They’ve got this. Babe M was no different.

She also must know how much I love sparkles because she brought the cutest sequin bra and panty pairing. We added a blingy, rhinestone necklace, and she lit up the whole room – quite literally. There was little dancing lights all over the room. We played around with harsh shadows, we hopped in a shower, and we ripped up tank tops. That’s a grand way to spend a Saturday, I think. If you’ve ever wondered why someone would do more than one session, this is why. You are comfortable, we trust each other, and you’ll step even farther outside your comfort zone to create something beautiful.

The best part of the shoot, though, was seeing how Babe M conquered it. Our first shoot was great, but in this one, she let her guard down, she openly embraced her sexuality and sensuality, and I think it’s pretty clear that she crushed it. We had so much freaking fun (for proof, please note the bottom photo), and I’m honored she chose to come back and shoot with me.

Enough chit chat – let’s get to the good sh!t.

Ready to celebrate your body? Let’s set up a session!

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