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This Mom Celebrated Her Changing Body

Updated: May 26, 2020

Dear pregnant mothers, your bodies are amazing. Absolutely incredible! Not only is it running on a daily basis to keep you operating, but it's working at double time and growing another human being! I'd imagine this change can be hard to get comfortable with. I've heard near the end of pregnancy, almost everything is uncomfortable! This mom told me all about her doctors' appointments, the terrible sugar solution for gestational diabetes tests, the stress and the overbearing opinions of others during pregnancy. As she sat in the studio's hair and makeup chair, I sat there in awe over everything she's going through, in addition to growing A HUMAN BEING!

She also talked about how excited she was. She couldn't wait to meet her child (who is now here and is adorable!). There was so much enthusiasm and eagerness in her voice when we talked about her son. Despite all the craziness her body endured, despite the worry or the unwelcomed advice from others, she was celebrating.

Dear moms, your bodies are amazing. They have accomplished incredible feats of strength. Their organs shifted, they grew new parts, they stretched and they moved to make way for a new life. They endured long nights. They survived late night feedings, chapped skin, back aches, swollen feet, and so much more. This deserves a celebration.

Whether you're pregnant, you have adult children or if you've adopted (the stress and emotional agony of fostering and adopting can totally impact your body), your body and your mind has been through some craziness. It's different now, but it's the best kind of different because you did it for that little face who follows you to the bathroom. You did it for little hands, for giggles before bedtime, for first steps, for graduation, for walks down the aisle and for so much more. Celebrate what you've accomplished and what you are accomplishing, just like this mom.

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