Unleashing Babe M’s Inner Goddess

I know deep down inside every woman, there’s a goddess who wants to be unleashed. I know this, but my clients don’t always know this. I was thrilled to see the goddess come out of Babe M during her shoot. She left her inhibitions at the studio door and was ready to embrace every facet of her body. I was so proud of her, and after looking at her photos, it’s pretty obvious why.

“I walked in and immediately (felt) calm. You (Alicia) greeted me with smiles and hugs, and you were so excited to watch me shine, that it just made me feel better about the whole thing from the start. You are so focused on positivity, and body love, it just made the whole experience more enjoyable. I didn’t have to worry about how I looked in the outfits because you kept encouraging me and telling me how beautiful I looked. The make-up and hair experience was amazing, she did such a good job. It boosts your confidence knowing that you look good. At the end of it I felt so in love with my body, and so happy that I stepped outside of my comfort zone.”