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Velvet, Latex and Sequins: Wear What Makes You Feel Best

One thing I love about empowerment and boudoir photography is the versatility. These sessions can be whatever you want them to be! Do luscious gowns make you feel beautiful? Do you feel your best wearing lingerie? Or maybe you want to shut down your inner critic by stepping in front of neon light and invoking your inner rock star instead.

Whatever you want to wear to feel your best is welcome at Buxom Boudoir. You can start your session fully clothed in a velvet gown and end wearing absolutely nothing if you wanted! Not everyone feels empowered wearing the same thing, which is why my studio wardrobe has diverse options.

It's your session. You have control over what you wear, and you will never be pressured into wardrobe you don't like. This is your opportunity to dress up, get creative and have fun!

Model: Lunariea

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