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Wanna Do Something? Do It!

Updated: May 26, 2020

When did we fall into the trap that once you reach a certain age or a certain point in life, we are no longer allowed to do certain things? Have you ever felt like it's too late to make a change? You can't get a different job. You can't have a child. You can't move to a new city. No more tattoos. No more new hobbies. No showing your skin.

The idea that change is now impossible is a pretty common belief and I hear it a lot from women of various ages. I hear it from older women. I hear it from moms. I hear it from women who have settled into the same routine. It's bull. You can make big changes in your life if you want to do it. (Don't get me wrong: it's scary and hard. I know you're freaking out a little bit,) Societal pressures or norms don't run your life, though. You freaking do! You run it. Wanna do something? Do it!

That's what Babe T is doing. Got out of a shitty relationship? Check. New job? Check. Boudoir shoot? Check. Living her best life and doing what makes her happy? Checkity check. She's the literal embodiment of badassery, and I was inspired to take on the world after our session.

We can all strive to be a little more like Babe T. Do what will benefit you. Make life changes, no matter how big or small, if you think they'll positively impact your life. You're not too ______________ (insert whatever insecurity you're struggling with) to do something that'll make you happy.


And now, without further adieu, I give you the dopest images ever from Babe T's session.

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