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What to Wear for Beach Boudoir

If the sun is out, so is my body! If I have free time and the weather is warm, you’ll probably find me at the pool or – better yet – the beach! I know I’m not the only one who feels at home by the lake, and if you want to incorporate the sand and (freaking freezing) Lake Michigan water, you should! Do it! Outside boudoir is awesome, but you might be wondering what you’re supposed to wear. I gotchu.

Pick a Matching Bikini

A matching two piece suit is going to photograph so much better than that random bottom you got on clearance at Target and the bikini top you bought on a whim in Florida. This doesn’t mean the top and bottom have to have the same exact pattern. One can be patterned and one can be a solid block of color, but the colors should match. Or rock a one piece! They are just like bodysuits, and I LOVE bodysuits.

Bring a Cover Up or Skirt

Unless your home or hotel room is close to the beach, you probably won’t have the option to change into a second outfit. You want to get the most out of your session though, so to make it look like you’ve got multiple outfits, grab a sarong, a swim suit cover up or a skirt to wear with your swimsuit.

Jewelry is a Great Accessory

Another way to amp up your outfit is with jewelry. It’s easy to slip on and off and can totally change the look of your outfit. Grab those giant earrings. Put on the body chain. Wear all the sparkle! If you’re not sure where to find such sparkly items, head to Goodwill or your local thrift store. Amazon has amazing body chains, and Spoil Me in Rhinestones has all the sparkly goodness your heart could desire.

Ready to hit the beach? Shoot me a message.

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