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When the Lights Go Down

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

Vegas is well-known for its neon signs and glittering lights, and I figured what better time to try a night shoot than in a city that looks sexy as hell when the sun goes down. Thankfully, Babe H was ready to try it, too. This was my very first attempt at boudoir photography at night, and I AM OBSESSED.

Babe H arrived around sunset, which means we were able to catch a blue sky and palm trees in some of her photos, and by the time the sun disappeared, distant casino lights illuminated her backdrop. Plus, the hotel rooms are the Rio Hotel are huge, which means there’re lots of places to shoot from and to shoot on. I love the variety we achieved.

No studio lighting was used during this session, which was a welcomed challenge. I think there’s something so inviting and romantic about warm lamp light, and I was ready to photograph with it. It says to me “hey, get your fine ass into this bed to get your snuggle on.” I think it’s impossible not to feel like a sexually-awakened queen when traipsing through a hotel room in a bodysuit with delicate light silhouetting all your amazing curves. Don’t believe me? Try it. You’ll see! It certainly worked for Babe H out in Las Vegas.

Babe H embodied everything I had in my mind for this shoot. I could get flowery with the language, but I think no better description than “bad ass babe” comes to mind when I look at her photos. She looks totally in charge, totally confident, strong and sexy, and she was. Plus, she was nice as hell! Her attitude was on point, making this night time shoot relaxed and fun, evident by the several laughter shots I got of her. How cute is her laugh?!

I plan on being out in Vegas again next June, so if you want to set up a session, please contact me. If you want the same experience while in Wisconsin (minus the palm trees), we can get a hotel room here and shoot at night!


I have a playlist on Spotify called “When the Lights Go Down” that I think you’d all appreciate it. It is the perfect thing to listen to when the sun sets and all the lights get turned down low. Enjoy!

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