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Your Session Can Be Whatever You Want It to Be

Updated: May 26, 2020

Your boudoir session should be personal to you. For many people, this is a once in a lifetime experience,. That experience should encapsulate who you are in that moment, and if there's something special you want to do, do it! I could care less if all the sets have the same vibe or look like they're in the same space. I care about creating images you love that reflect who you are.

If that means you want to wear a delicate gold bustier and angel wings in one set and then rock a femme fatale at 3AM vibe in the next, let's do it! Don't be afraid to ask your photographer about your ideas and concepts. If there's something you really want to try, you and your photographer might be able to come up with a plan. For example, if you wanted to shoot in a big clawfoot tub, I don't have that at my studio, but we could probably find a hotel or AirBNB that does. Your ideas aren't stupid, and you deserve to have them heard out. Your session should be designed around what you want.

This is your chance to play dress up. You can have fun! You can get a little wild or silly or sexy. Make your session whatever you want it to be. Go the artistic route. Stick with classic and elegant. Try something colorful and bright. Let your personality shine through your session. You're trying to build a better relationship with yourself, and a great way to do that is by expressing yourself through your boudoir session.

Case in point: Babe M went the angel wing and femme fatale route and daaaaaaaaang if she doesn't look awesome in both of them!

woman sitting at a vanity

woman at a vanity

Do you like something soft and elegant or do you prefer a dark and colorful approach? Whatever you want, we can try and do at Buxom Boudoir. Let's set up your session!

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