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4 Ways to Have a Bridal Boudoir Shoot Without White Lingerie

Who says you HAVE to wear white for bridal boudoir? It’s the go-to for obvious reasons, but it’s by not a rule, and even if it was, I’d be happy to break it. Just like any boudoir shoot, you should wear what makes you feel sexy and confident. There are so many other aspects you can incorporate into your boudoir photo shoot to make it feel bridal.

1) Incorporate Your Bridal Bouquet (or One Similar)

A really easy way to add a wedding feel to your shoot is to bring a bouquet of flowers. If you’ve opted for silk flowers at your wedding, you can bring with your actual bouquet. If you’re using fresh flowers on the big day, order a small bouquet from your florist which incorporates similar flowers or colors. Flower crowns work, too! I adore shooting with flowers. I love shooting them in the foreground, and they’re a beautiful way to add color to a photo.

2) Show Off Your Engagement Ring

Your ring is a symbol of the eternal love you and your partner share. Of course we need to capture that! Bring your engagement ring to your shoot, and bonus points if you clean it beforehand. I’m a big fan of sparkle, evident by the silver sequined bodysuit I have at the studio.

Funny story about this styled shoot: the model didn’t have a ring, so I let her borrow mine. It was at least 3 sizes too big and the dang thing kept moving around on me! #Sorrynotsorry for the crooked ring photo. Hopefully, yours fits a little better!

3) Rather than Curls, Opt for an Updo

A popular hairstyle for boudoir is waves or curls, but for an elegant bridal shoot, you can rock an updo. If you still want your hair to move or you want to be able to play with it, ask for a half updo. It has felxibility but still feels formal. If your boudoir photographer has a hair stylist on set like I do, let them know beforehand this is the direction you want. Then your hair stylist can make sure she’s got plenty of bobby pins on hand. Is it even an updo if you don’t lose count of bobby pins when you take out your hairstyle? I think I was picking out pins for two days after my wedding.

4) Shoot in Your Bridal Suite Beforehand

If you’ve booked your hotel room already, call your hotel and see if you can book the exact same room but earlier and have your bridal boudoir shoot there! Your partner will flip out when they you, not only as a goddess, but also in the same room you two spend your first night together as a happily married couple. That’s gotta be the best foreplay ever, right?

If you’re interested in learning more about bridal boudoir shoots, contact me! I’d love to answer your questions.

And special thanks to the vendors who helped make this styled shoot possible: Bride = Madison Marten Location = The Iron Horse Hotel Hair = Illuminate-Hair and Makeup Make-Up = Rejuvenate & Escape Day Spa, LLC. Florist = Locker’s Florist Event Coordinator = White Night Photography Earrings = David Liska Custom Jeweler

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