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5 Facts About Me

Let’s get to know one another! After all, if you’re sharing an intimated and vulnerable experience with me, it’s only fair that I open up to you, as well. It can be hard to show up at a stranger’s home and strip down to your skivvies, so let’s not be strangers! Here’s 5 facts about me that hopefully help you feel like you know me a little bit.

1. I grew up in a small town. I was born and raised in a small, rural town in the Fox Valley of Wisconsin. I had corn and soy beans on three sides of me, and I lived on a dead end street with very little traffic. It was not uncommon to see horses ridden on the road, you almost always saw a tractor, and if the air didn’t smell like manure, it wasn’t summer. I had fun growing up and running around like a wild thing in the middle of the country, but I won’t ever move back to a small town. Port Washington isn’t exactly huge, but it’s close enough to Milwaukee that I can visit whenever I want (which is about once a week).

2. I have a tic disorder. If you spend enough time with me, eventually you’ll notice that I scrunch up my face, I blink really hard, and I roll my wrists sometimes. This is not by choice. I have a few motor tics that I can’t control, and sometimes they really bother me. I get bad headaches when my facial tics act up, and I get sore muscles when the tics in my arms are constant. Thankfully, I get a fair amount of relief from them, but sometimes if I’m feeling stressed or for no particular reason at all, they are overwhelming. They’re a part of who I am. They’ve been around since kindergarten, and they’ll probably be with me until I die. I don’t love them. I never will, but I accept that they are a part of me.

3. I’ve dealt with mental illness since I was a teenager. I’m fairly vocal about this, but I’m no stranger to depression and anxiety. In high school, I dealt with depression and thankfully during college it just went away. However, it left behind anxiety which I still deal with. It has taken a long time to figure out how to handle my anxiety attacks and my jumbled, anxious thoughts, but I’m getting there. If you ever need someone to talk to or you’re looking for resources, feel free to reach out.

4. I always have my nails painted. I do not feel whole if my nails aren’t painted! I’m no manicurist, but I have a lot of fun adding glitter, designs, rhinestones and nail gems to my nail projects. Painting my nails is how I unwind and relax. I’ll put on a funny movie and paint away.

5. I write poetry. This is actually what I went to school for. My senior thesis was a poetry manuscript, which eventually got published as a book. I still write (not nearly as much as I should), and I love it. I try to cram as much emotion and meaning into as few words as possible. Poetry is like a puzzle to me, and I love trying to figure it out.

There! Now you know me! There’s no reason to feel uncomfortable or insecure around me. You know some of my biggest insecurities, my history and what I like to do for fun. I hope this helps put you at ease before a session!

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