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5 Ways to Prep for Your Outdoor Boudoir Session

It’s getting to be that time of the year when we get to take out fabulous bodies outside! Spring has sprung and summer is just around the corner. My Wisconsin skin is ready for some sunshine!

If you’re drawn to the Lake Michigan coastline or forest waterfalls like I am, maybe you’re thinking about booking an outdoor boudoir session. I LOVE photographing babes in nature, but prepping for an outdoor session is a bit different than an in-home session. Let’s get into it!

1. People Might See You, So Pack Wardrobe Accordingly

I try to find little areas tucked away from trails and nosy folks, but the land I shoot on is public, so there’s no guarantee we will be all alone. If someone does make an appearance, we’ll pause and wait until we’re alone again. It’s great to have a robe on hand for this reason. If you’re not sure you want a stranger to see a nipple or booty cheek, you’ll want to avoid sheer pieces or thongs. Swimsuits and bodysuits are great options!

2. Add Bug Spray to Your Bag

Humans aren’t the only ones enjoying the sunshine. Mosquitoes are out in full force depending on the time of year, so bug spray is a must. If we’re shooting along the lake, it’s not too bad, but the trek there can still be buggy. If the woods is more your jam, make sure you check yourself for ticks, as well. I’ve never come across one, but better to be safe than sorry.

3. And Don’t Forget Sunscreen

Make sure you wear sunscreen! We could be outside for 60-90 minutes, and that’s plenty of time to get your burn on. I want you to look like fire in your session, not feel like you’re on fire.

4. Don’t Worry about Shoes

You don’t need high heels for outdoor boudoir, so leave them at home. Bring a pair of shoes you’re cool with getting muddy or wet for walking around. The paths can get a little rocky, so you’ll want to protect your feet, but as soon as we get to a location, you can take them off. I also recommend wearing shoes if you plan on going into a river. The bottom of lakes and rivers can be rocky. Safety first!

5. Embrace the Messiness

The outside has dirt, and sometimes, we get into that dirt. The outside also has water, and I LOVE getting into the water. It’s better to embrace the mess than try to avoid it. Flowers and leaves get into hair. Cover ups get a little dirty. Outfits get wet. These are the joys of making art outside!

Ready to book your session? Let's chat!

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