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6 Unconventional Ways to Use Your Boudoir Photos

While boudoir should be first and foremost for you, the photos also make amazing gifts for that special someone in your life. There’s lots of other ways you can display and use your boudoir photos, though, and I’m here to help you get creative with it!

1. Hide Photos in Your Partner’s Luggage If your partner is on the road a lot, boudoir photos are the perfect present to slip into their luggage. A few polaroids or a little album fits snugly between clothing, and your partner wouldn’t suspect a thing. That’s a pretty nifty surprise and I can almost gaurantee your “welcome home” celebration will be a good one.

2. Hang Your Boudoir Portraits in Your Master Bath Your master bathroom is your place to relax and restore yourself. It’s the perfect place to hang your artwork! I think the bathroom can also be the place where we say the most hurtful things to ourselves. Its where we see ourselves without makeup, without our hair done, nude, and totally vulnerable. It’s easy to step out of the shower and think cruel thoughts about the way we look. If your mind slips back into that bad habit, just look to your boudoir portraits and remember that you are strong, confident, and worthy of self-love. Remember and embrace all the emotions you felt during your boudoir shoot.

3. Take Photos on the Go with a Viewfinder Need a reminder of how freaking amazing you are no matter where you go? A viewfinder inconspicuously holds 7 of your favorite photos so you can take them on the go. I love them because they are nostalgic and retro, and no one would suspect that there’s sexy pictures hidden inside.

4. Use Your Album as a Coffee Table Book If you’re really proud of your photos, and you want to show them off (which you totally should), put them on display! I think coffee table books are boring. Photos of barns or beads (yes, I saw a coffee table book that was just photos of beads), can’t even compare in epicness to your boudoir photos.

5. Print Your Photo on Your Bedding We’re getting a bit ballsy now, but I love this idea. I would LOVE to see someone do this. You can order blankets with photos on them, and I think it would be truly amazing to have a cozy, comfy blanket with a big ole photo of your sexy bod on it!

6. Christmas Cards, Anyone? SOMEONE PLEASE DO THIS. I will love you forever. I even have the best text for you to add: Ho, ho, ho yes, baby. I think your grandma would really appreciate getting that card in the mail.

Ready to celebrate your body? Let’s set up a session!

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